Last year, five start-ups coached by Heiko Visarius received the Innosuisse certificate. This shows that a company has completed the Innosuisse coaching very successfully and is now ready for sustainable growth. No other coach achieved as many certificates in 2021. Congratulations to the five startups! We spoke to Ronja Bruhn, CEO of Stimit, one of these promising young companies.

Could you please briefly describe the product of your company?

RB: Our product empowers patients to breathe. We all breathe, and often take it for granted. Our diaphragm is our core breathing muscle. Mechanically ventilated patients in critical care have suppressed diaphragm activity, and 40% of critical care resources are spent on a process called weaning where breathing function is restored. A solution is needed to tackle this problem, with the potential to speed up recovery and free critical care capacities. STIMIT is developing solutions for non-invasive diaphragm stimulation to re-activate diaphragm activity in critical care.

How important was the Innosuisse Coaching for your company?

RB: Coaching was especially valuable in the early vulnerable stage of the start-up – the times when so many unknowns were still to be solved and trust was yet to be gained. Early support is the most crucial and essential.

How did Heiko Visarius contribute to achieving this certificate? How do you rate the cooperation with him? 

RB: With his help we found first supporters of the endeavor, especially in the Berne area where we grew to a professional company. Heiko helped us to find excellent people, build up a strong team. Everything else derived from there!

What has been the impact of the Innosuisse project on the financing side? How much money were you able to acquire for your project?

RB: The first Innosuisse project helped us to demonstrate feasibility, translate first ideas into real solutions with innovation potential. This first project decided about live-or-die and attracted first business angels. The second Innosuisse project allows us to strengthen our innovation potential base to stay one step ahead.

How many jobs were you able to create in your company in 2021? What are your plans in this regard in 2022?

RB: Seven new jobs were created in 2021, and instead of exploding STIMIT’s growth continues sustainable in 2022.

What are the next milestones for your company? What are the next steps?

RB: This will be announced soon – stay tuned! Milestones are very well on track.