Heiko Visarius has over 20 years of experience in the MedTech sector. He combines the industry perspective with a solid academic background (engineering studies, P.h.D., MBA). His most important topics include the interaction of the various players in the healthcare sector, effective and efficient consulting (procedure, practical examples) and product management in the industry (national and international practice, case studies).

His Subjects:

  • Effective and efficient consulting: procedure, practical examples
  • Product Management in industry: national and international practice, case studies

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Thank you for your lecture. Its always a pleasure to have a lecture with an experienced individual with a sense of humour and a unique mode of communication. You were able to keep our attention with the use of several implicit oratory tools including innate humour while displaying a clear and confident level of expertise. It was refreshing to hear the direct unfiltered perspective of a real professional leader. It makes the knowledge real world and authentic.

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