On January 7, 2021, the award ceremony of the Ypsomed Award 2021 took place. As in 2014 and 2018, a start-up mentored by Heiko Visarius was again among the award winners. The second prize of CHF 30,000 went to BabyLAT. The young company has developed a system that ensures the optimal nutritional supply of the premature baby. It is a filter system that concentrates proteins from human donor milk. This concentrate is used to enrich the mother’s milk. Because the system can be placed in the clinic, it is less expensive than existing offerings. Babylat’s system is a cost-effective solution that meets a growing need.

The Ypsomed Innovation Prize, worth a total of 100,000 Swiss francs, promotes research, development as well as technology transfer in the Swiss Mittelland region and is awarded by the Ypsomed Innovation Research Foundation.