Market-Access Deutschland

Germany is very attractive for many providers in the health care sector due to the size of the market and, in particular, the reimbursement prices that can be achieved. However, market access is not easy for new market participants due to numerous legal hurdles, additional sub-legal regulatory barriers and a high level of industry-specific complexity. This workshop will explain the existing hurdles and barriers and also show you promising strategies to be successful in the German medical technology market. The future reimbursement of medical apps through the new Digital Care Act (DVG) is also explained.

Market Access Deutschland
Your Benefit

After attending the workshop:

  • You have a clear picture of the German healthcare system, the relevant payers, institutions and other influential stakeholders.
  • Understand the legal regulations, sub-legal regulatory hurdles and also the informal “rules of the game” of the German healthcare market.
  • Are you familiar with the basic principles of benefit assessment and the subsequent reimbursement of medical devices in the inpatient and outpatient sector.
  • Do you know the possible and promising access routes for your product to the German healthcare market?
  • You are able to develop a strategy (road map) for market access for your product.
Target Groups
  • Startup CEOs and those responsible for market development
  • Established companies that want to expand into Germany
  • Product managers, marketing managers, market access managers from small startups to SMEs
  • Manufacturers, distributors and suppliers of medical devices 

Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Kersting MBA:  Managing Director of IMC clinicon GmbH; Senior Associate at IGES Institut GmbH, Berlin; previously since 1992 managing director, full-time medical director and from 2006 spokesman for the management of the DRK Kliniken Berlin; Since 2004, Professor of Hospital Management at the Faculty of Economics and Management at the TU Berlin.

Dr. med. Klaus-Jürgen Preuß:  Managing partner of EPC HealthCare GmbH and the TakeCare Institute in Hamburg. More than 40 years of practical experience in the pharmaceutical and medical technology industry.

Prof. Dr. med. Holger Thiemann MBA:  Professor of Medical Management at the Technical University of Central Hesse. Many years of industry experience in management positions in German healthcare companies (including CEO Marburg University Hospital, Head of Medicine RHÖN KLINIKUM AG)

Dr.-Ing. Heiko Visarius MBA:  20 years of management positions at Synthes (J&J) and Medtronic, where he was most recently responsible for Europe. Successful consultant and innovation coach since 2012, including for the European Union, Innosuisse and the Canton of Bern. At the Swiss Medtech industry association, contact for startups and innovation as well as commercial liaison officer for the CTO Medtech Club.

Thank you for your lecture. Its always a pleasure to have a lecture with an experienced individual with a sense of humour and a unique mode of communication. You were able to keep our attention with the use of several implicit oratory tools including innate humour while displaying a clear and confident level of expertise. It was refreshing to hear the direct unfiltered perspective of a real professional leader. It makes the knowledge real world and authentic.

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