Dr. Heiko Visarius: Over 20 years of MedTech experience


  • Managing Director of VISARTIS Healthcare GmbH since 2012
  • Ph.D. in medical technology engineering | MBA
  • Long career in the MedTech industry (Synthes-Stratec, Medtronic) –
    most recently (until 2012) head of Europe division ($250 million sales, >300 employees)
  • Active in the MedTech industry since 1991 in the fields of
    – sales
    – marketing
    – research & development (R&D)
    – management
  • In Switzerland for over 20 years – dual Swiss/German citizenship
  • Strong analyst – fast thinker – motivating communicator


  • In-depth knowledge of the MedTech industry thanks to over 20 years of experience
  • Wide-ranging experience in the MedTech industry in the fields of
    – marketing
    – sales
    – international distribution
    – negotiations with industry partners
    – customer support in MedTech segment
    – research & development (R&D)
    – management
  • Experience with coaching, communication, leadership
  • Regional knowledge and business experience in Europe and emerging markets
  • Direct market experience with investment goods and consumer goods (implants, etc.)
  • Experience from a variety of MedTech mandates


  • Large network of relationships:
    – personal contact with opinion leaders in the MedTech sector throughout Europe and in developing countries
    – contact with large MedTech enterprises and their stakeholders worldwide
    – very large MedTech network in Switzerland and internationally – industry partners, clinics, head physicians
  • Close connections with many key players in the MedTech sector