Dr. Heiko Visarius

Dr. Heiko Visarius / Preisegg 19 / 3415 Hasle bei Burgdorf

+41 79 1000 600

Conception and moderation of events

Conception and moderation of events

A congress or symposium can be a good opportunity to give existing or potential customers a platform and at the same time to profile your own company. We develop ideas for such events and support you in their implementation.

  • Ideas for events
  • Concept and implementation proposals
  • Moderation

Heiko Visarius is co-organizer and moderator of various professional events. Some examples are:

Future Health (Swiss Economic Forum)

– Medtech-Innovation Event

Swiss Medtech Day

– Credit Suisse Health Event

– Bern Biomedical Engineering Day

SMM Innovationsforum


*zünder Award-Night 2020

Swiss Medtech Innovation Event - Break Out Session Nr. 3 with Heiko Visarius

Swiss Medtech Day 2020

Swiss Excellence Award 2019

Medtech Innovation Event 2018

Medtech Innovation Event 2018 with Heiko Visarius.

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